Now that the holidays are behind us, my part-time hours (2-days a week) have plummeted to “0″ hours a week. I try to remain optimistic and check the job-board often and have decided to try to claw myself out of this current pit I somehow landed in. Bruised, bloodied and stripped of my dignity, I am still working in a grocery store.

The other day I noticed  they were looking for a signmaker [yes, SIGN-MAKER]… someone who makes those little SIGNS that you see in grocery stores. You know the kind. Computerized bits of non-creative information. Magic-marker, handwritten bits of non-creative information and sometimes… BLACKBOARD illustrations!

I think, this is it! Finally! I can do this. It’s right, directly, squarely, most definitely, up my alley!

They need to see “samples of my work,” they say, “so bring some to the interview.” I agonize over what I will put in my portfolio. I start drawing quick marker illustrations. Then I write out the complete alphabet, and numbers too! Ooh, they might want to see chalk-board art. I take a box of my daughter’s chalk and draw some pictures and text on black paper, just to show what my work might look like on a blackboard. I chose some retail advertising that I designed, and some corproate stuff, too. Plus a bit of interesting food businesses I’ve developed and marketed. I waste HOURS on this project, but I really want the job and I really want the interview to go well, so I do it.

Without going into the particulars of the actual interview, which I believe I aced, the call came in today with the results:

Sorry, we hired someone else.

I interview for a job that I am completely qualified for (overqualified actually– if you count what I did for the past 30 years), but they decide to go with  someone else because: get this, “You didn’t prepare for the interview enough.” To elaborate on that phrase –and I quote, “you didn’t go and talk to the people in the store where you work now who are doing this job.”

So, never mind that I am totally qualified and capable (even passed the on-the-spot “handwriting test“)– because I didn’t get the low-down from people who are mindlessly doing this job in another location, I was cut.

All I can say is it is a darn good thing they aren’t interviewing for a really IMPORTANT position! They should have jumped at the chance to have someone who knows what they are doing.

I’m pretty sure this is the last straw. I’m about to throw in the towel.