Lately when I think of myself, I get the image of a stump-legged pigeon for some reason. You know the one. Still flying in the group; gathering at all the feeding holes; pecking around for crumbs; all the while hobbling around on that stump leg of his.

Guess I’m actually feeling “better” about life lately. This image says to me: you may be down, but you’re not dead. You can still fly if you put your mind to it.

I’ve been inspired by those in my community of creative people who have taken the “lemons” they were given and made “lemonade” with them. They successfully re-invented themselves professionally. They seem to be genuinely happy about the changes in their lives.

Had my creative unemployment actually come with a genuine “pinkslip”, then it probably also would have come with some sort of severance pay and unemployment compensation. In my defense, I think I fell so hard, because I had no buffer. There were only the cryptic, apologetic, emails from former clients and then, the phone stopped ringing.

My first reaction was to reach back into my bag of tricks. I thought I might have a (pardon the pun) “leg-up” on the competition by following a [former] passion – food. If you have followed this blog at all, you have seen that didn’t go where I had hoped it would.

So, I’m going to crawl from the wreckage, again. Take the extra time “offered” to me by not being offered full-time employment, and see what I can muster.

This time I have new parameters:

Raw talent. Non-perishable.

Stay tuned.